Pharmacy orders
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Is Torus Healthcare a pharmacy Store? No, Torus Healthcare helps you connect to the nearest partnered pharmacy that can fulfill your order. We partner with verified pharmacies, which work with registered pharmacists.
How to Place an Order at Torus Health? Go to the Pharmacy Section, Select your required medicine, and place the order. This can also be done by uploading the Prescription and our Pharmacists digitise the prescription to allow you to place the order
How will I get my medicines? The prescription that you provide to us is validated by a team of pharmacists and is then passed on to a pharmacy in your vicinity. The sale of medicines can only be done by a licensed pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist.
How does my prescription get validated? With our Order fulfillment Partner, we check if a registered medical practitioner has generated the prescription. We then look at the date of visit and duration of medication, to check if the prescription has expired. We also check if the quantity of medicines ordered matches with the prescription.
If I upload a prescription, will my order be confirmed immediately? No. After we validate the prescription, our vendor will then confirm the stock availability. We will send you an SMS and email if we are unable to fulfill some medicines. As a lead generation platform, we only connect you to the pharmacy - which after due verification of credentials and your prescription – may confirm your order. Please read the terms and conditions of the website.
Will I need the original prescription at time of delivery? Yes. As per the government regulations, the patient must be in possession of the original prescription at the time of delivery. So keep it handy when our delivery personnel comes to visit you.
Why do the prices of medicine vary? Medicine prices vary by geographical location and often change on a day to day basis due to regulations and distributors. The prices listed on our site act as guidance and help you understand if you are paying the right price for your medicines.
Why are there multiple pages for the same medicine? The same medicine often comes in different strengths, usually indicated by salt weight. Further, they come in different packs, aimed at frequency of usage. Please check for the correct version of the medicine specified by your doctor.
Where does Torus Health obtain the information? We have tied up with Healthech experts and partners who scan thousands of products to provide you the relevant and useful information about your medicines. We periodically review and update the information you use. Please read our Terms & Conditions to understand your responsibilities and liabilities.
What is a generic substitute? Substitutes depend on the composition and strength of constituent salts. Substitutes are medicines made by other manufacturers using the same salt composition as your prescribed medicine. These medicines are often more affordable. Please note that substitutes change with the salt strength, even for the same medicine name.
Can I just buy another medicine listed as a substitute? Yes, you can buy other substitutes if your prescription lists the salt names instead of a brand name. You can always encourage your doctor to write salt names on your prescription instead of a specific brand name.
I have received Damaged Items. We are sorry you had to experience this.(our return process)
Items are missing from my orders? We are sorry you had to experience this. Our partner retailers have in place the required checks to avoid such an event. We request you to reach out to us within 48 hours of your order delivery so that we can investigate the matter.
Items are different from what i have ordered? We are sorry you had to experience this.(our return process)
Can I also order through E-mail? Yes. You can send the list of medicines, your full address, contact number, and valid prescription to our Customer Support Contact Email. We will then process the order and send you a confirmation.
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Where can I check/track my order status? You will receive regular SMS and emails about your order. You can also track your order from your order history section. If there is any delay or change in your order, our customer care will call and inform you.
How do I know the medicines delivered are authentic? The product is being supplied directly by the vendors associated with the Company and the Vendor concerned shall solely be responsible for the authenticity and genuineness of the product so ordered.
Order status showing "Delivered" but not Received? We are sorry you had to experience this. We request you to reach out to us within 48 hours of the order/ shipment delivery being reported so that we can investigate the matter.

Faster delivery option (if in case we have one)?

Address modification After the order is placed? Sorry, once the order is placed, we are unable to modify the delivery address. Please place a fresh order with the new delivery address.
Delivery charges? Yes, delivery charges will be applied based on the value of items purchased and the delivery address. Please add the items that you require to the cart and input or select the appropriate delivery address to see what the delivery charges will be for your order.
Minimum time taken for an order to get delivered? The time taken for a delivery purely depends on the stock availability and the location
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What is your return policy? We accept returns if the medicine provided to you does not match your order, or if the medicine is past its expiry date. Please check your orders at the time of delivery and report any return requests before you pay our delivery personnel.
When will i get my refund? Once the refund has been initiated, the refund amount is expected to reflect as per the payment method:
Return request placed but no action taken? Our logistics team made three attempts to pick up the item (s) for return. If the item (s) is not picked up within the third attempt, it will be assumed that you want to keep the product. You can initiate a new return request if the item (s) meets the return criteria
Unable to Initiate Return Request? Torus Health offers a flexible return policy for items ordered with us. Under this policy, each item purchased will have a returnable window which can vary anywhere between 0 to _ days, post its delivery.
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Facing issues while payments?  
What are the modes of Payment available? We support the following payment options:
Credit Card,Debit Card,Net Banking,UPI(PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm UPI, Amazon Pay UPI, BHIM),ETC
If an order is canceled by me, how is the amount refunded? The refund of the canceled order is processed immediately and the same gets credited in your wallet/bank account
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How can I pursue partnerships & business development opportunities with 1mg? Please contact Torus Health Customer Care to share the opportunity you are exploring. Ensure that your subject line is 'Business Development' for faster reverts.
How are the perishable or temperature sensitive medicines preserved? Utmost care is taken to ensure that the medicines are stored in the right temperature to preserve its potency.
How can I cancel my orders? You can cancel your orders from your order history section or Click here
What is your cancellation policy? All orders cancellations are to be done before the order is shipped. Any cancellation post order Ship will not be considered